Sample Code (660KB) to accompany the screencast.

Where Am I?

Core Location is one of the great things about the iPhone and iPod touch platform, but until recently it was actually quite hard to take that location-aware goodness and display it on a map. The arrival of the MapKit framework has simplified this enormously.

Unfortunately the MapKit framework, at least at the current point in time, is fairly poorly documented. There is also relatively little content on the web about how to use it to supplement that documentation, so in the Chapter 11 (Geolocation) of the book I work through a few example applications using the two frameworks to get you familiar with them.

This screencast shows how to put together the Where Am I? application which I talked about in the Chapter 11 of the book. The application is a simple MapKit and CoreLocation view based application finds and updates the user's location onto a map whilst simulateously displaying the latitude and longitude at the user's location in decimal degrees.

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